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About Higher Health

An Introduction

Welcome to Higher Health Centre!

We are a Team of Wellness Experts who genuinely care about making a difference in our clients’ lives.

Our Team is built on passion, community and collaboration. “We love what we do and do what we love.”

From the time you enter our doors, we want you to feel cared for, supported, educated and inspired.

Each practitioner has a meaningful story of how they came to naturopathic medicine, IV therapy holistic nutrition, and Thai massage. And it was not by coincidence that we all arrived under the healing roof of 7 Yonge Blvd.

How Our Team Came to Be

Founder Dr. Tara Campbell, ND had a vision of creating a Naturopathic Medical Practice in a house just off of Yonge Street. It was not until renovations at 7 Yonge Boulevard were complete that Dr. Tara Campbell remembered stating this vision.

A year into practice, Dr. Lindsey Walker ND, friend and colleague, came on board. Together they made a “team of 2” and formed the foundation of care, for what would grow into a truly amazing community.

The birth of the IV Lounge and “Healthy Happy Hour” brought on another team member – Jeremy Wulkan, Thai Massage Practitioner. Patients loved the combination of receiving their vitamin drip along with a hands-on therapeutic foot massage. Pardon the pun, but this was a ‘foot in the door’ to clients wanting a full body Thai massage and Jeremy’s practice took off. He has since expanded his training to include Thai Yoga.

With a growing IV Lounge, more hands were needed. Enter Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND who greatly assisted in ensuring our IV Lab met the newly established regulatory guidelines, while also looking to grow her fertility and pediatric practice at Higher Health.

Now a team of three ND’s and our Thai Guy, it was time to name the baby. We wanted a clinic name that represented our collaborative approach to wellness. Many names were thrown back and forth, but it was Dr. Tara’s partner, Jason Etheridge, who loved Higher Health. After polling several dedicated clients, it quickly became clear, Higher Health was the winning name - Your Best Self, Your Highest Health.

We kept on growing and we did not stop there. Five years prior, Dr. Tara had mentored the daughter of a patient about naturopathic medicine. Well, that daughter, Dr. Jacqui Zins, ND went on to graduate head of her class, obtained her IV license and was the next to join our squad.

And just as any child who is nurtured and cared for will thrive and grow, so did Higher Health. It was a rainy Sunday morning when it became apparent that one more practitioner was needed, particularly for our Fertility and Women’s Health Specialty. Timing is everything, and Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND was our next amazing addition. Keen to re-connect with her fertility mentor, Dr. Trowell, the two would unite to help families love-thrive-grow and make healthy babies.

Paths continued to cross, and we rounded out the tribe with Vanessa Bond, Holistic Nutritionist, who was once a patient of Dr. Tara. A neighbourhood mom with experience in navigating autoimmune issues, Vanessa was the perfect fit for providing advanced nutrition at Higher Health.

And that's how we came to be! Set your intentions, follow your passions, and connect with your tribe!


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