Naturopath Toronto

Our 4 step approach to your complete care.

Step 1
. We start off with a deep dive discussion into all aspects of your health and well being. Our goal is to get to know you and the most important aspects of your health concerns, lifestyle factors, barriers, and overall wellness goals.


Step 2. We determine which advanced labs and blood work are needed to fill any gaps and to provide important additional data needed so that we can formulate your complete plan. 


Step 3. We analyze and interpret your test results, collaborate with our HH team, and customize your best action plan.


Step 4. This is where people really start to get excited about results and moving forward towards their health goals.  Having a plan is not enough.  We provide accountability, support, education, motivation, and insight to help you overcome any challenges and truly implement your plan.  We continue to connect with you throughout the process and monitor your progress while making adjustments as needed until you are feeling your desired results

Who is Higher Health for?

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Combining the latest in evidence-based research, clinical care expertise, and mind/body nourishment, we will be there to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.