Anxiety and Depression

Mood disturbances such as anxiety and depression are experienced by most people at some point in their life. For some individuals, however, the associated symptoms can be debilitating. People who suffer from anxiety or depression often have symptoms that go beyond a simple response to stressful situations.

The first step in treating anxiety and depression is to determine the underlying cause(s) and neurotransmitter imbalance(s). Prescription medications are far too commonly recommended, with little or no objective testing to determine the underlying neurochemical imbalance. Most medications target serotonin, yet there are several other key neurotransmitters involved in mood health. Addressing the exact deficiencies or excesses with naturopathic interventions can avoid the need for stronger pharmaceutical medications that often have undesirable side effects.

Our Naturopathic Doctors present a better solution. Using cutting edge assessment techniques and lab testing, they are able to obtain valuable information about your nervous and endocrine systems. Patients find this approach to mood health more empowering and supportive.