Acne at any point in your life can make days unbearable. Everyone at Higher Health has suffered from acne at some point in their life and if we only knew then, what we know now as Naturopathic Doctors! 

If you’re here looking for personal help, or help for a family member or friend, Naturopathic Medicine offers a lot of solutions that are long lasting because we get to the root of what’s causing your acne and not just looking to cover it up. 

You see, Naturopathic medicine offers a more comprehensive approach to skin healing and addresses the actual causes of distressing whiteheads, blackheads and red inflamed cysts. 

We focus on getting to the root cause of acne and treating it to heal scars and prevent future flare-ups and breakouts.

After an initial consultation, your customized treatment plan will include a range of therapies including lifestyle changes, nutritional strategies, hormone analysis and a personalized supplement and skin care routine.

Key Naturopathic Considerations for Acne:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Oxidative stress and toxicity
  • Maldigestion, low stomach acid and deficient digestive enzymes
  • Liver and gallbladder dysfunction
  • Emotional health and physiologic stress responses
  • Accumulated toxicity from medications or the environment
  • Inflammation

Goals of Treatment:

  • Prevent scarring
  • Reduce body inflammation
  • Improve nutrition
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Reduce the number of painful lesions
  • Minimize the stress
  • Improve immune system function to prevent excessive bacterial growth on the skin
  • Testing for and elimination of food allergies

Higher Health recently added 2 Red Light Therapy (RLT) rooms at the clinic. There are many health benefits associated with RLT, and skin health is a major one. As part of any program we can also include a RLT device that you can take home and use daily. 

You may also want to consider facial acupuncture to help with acne and past scarring. 

If you’re ready to start clearing up your acne, then book a free consultation and let’s talk.  We can answer your acne and any health related questions and you can decide if we are a good fit for you.

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