Personalized Nutrition

We are what we eat...and what we digest!

A clean, micronutrient rich diet is key to good health and lifelong
well-being. Poor nutrition and food contaminated with toxins or
chemically engineered nutrients can lead to various symptoms and
diseases. We are health foodies, passionate about personalized
nutrition (no diet fits all).  We educate, inspire and support our
clients towards adopting a more holistic, sustainable and customized
nutrition regimen.

Food is like fuel in a car. If you use the wrong type of fuel, your
car will not run very well.

Our health care professionals facilitate true nutritional and
lifestyle change by providing individualized nutrition counselling.
We follow up with you outside of the appointment to ensure progress
and to keep you on track, accountable and seeing results.

Working together, you will:

  • Learn possible food sensitivities and digestive dysfunction that may be contributing to uncomfortable symptoms
  • Rotate your diet with ease
  • Ensure proper balance of protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, and micronutrients 
  • Learn simple, effective strategies to incorporate into the busiest of lifestyles
  • Eat an alkaline diet full of micronutrient rich and plant based foods
  • Learn macrobiotic concepts
  • Love what you eat and all variables surrounding nutrition
  • Realize full nourishment – mind and body