Blood Work:

  1. Comprehensive Higher Health Panel
  2. Female Comprehensive Hormone Panel: 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D, Ascorbic Acid, CBC, Copper, Cortisol Fasting, DHEAS, Ferritin, Hemoglobin A1C, High Sensitivity CRP, Magnesium, sTSH, Vitamin B12, Zinc
  3. Male Comprehensive Hormone Panel:
  4. Digestive Panel: Celiac, CRP-hs, ferritin, B12, …
  5. Fatigue Panel: CBC, ferritin, folate, iron/TIBC, Mono spot, transferrin, TSH, Vitamin D, B12
  6. Cardiovascular Panel: Liver Panel: ALT, AST, bilirubin (total/direct), GGT, LDH

Advanced Lipid Assessment: 

  1. Inflammation and Weight Loss Panel: albumin, CBC, CRP-hs, ESR, ferritin, fibrinogen
  2. Fertility Panel
  3. Immune Health Panel – vitamin d, zinc, B12, RBC Mag, CRP-hs
  4. Thyroid Panel: free T4, TSH, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody(TPO), Free T3
  5. Baseline Nutrient Status (RBC) +  Nutrient Status (WBC)
  6. Bone and Joint Health
  7. Heavy metal testing (RBC) - mercury, lead
  8. Weight management panel: Metabolic Syndrome Panel: fasting glucose, fasting insulin, HbA1c, GGT, SHBG, CRP-hs
  9. Amino acid panel:  

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