Nicole Argo-Ma, MN-NP

Nicole Argo-Ma is a nurse practitioner, psychotherapist and coach that supports her clients through the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their health journeys.

Nicole obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Andrews University in Michigan, and her Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Toronto. She started her career in the hospital setting, in areas ranging from cardiovascular surgery to intensive care. Her desire to bring healing to her clients in a deeper way that incorporated the whole person and looked at the root causes of issues prompted her to shift to private practice.

Nicole is keenly aware of the complexities that surround physical disease and the impact of mental and spiritual health on overall wellbeing. She maintains a general practice with a focus on women’s wellbeing. This emphasis recognizes the remarkable traits inherent to women as well as the specific challenges they face – physically, emotionally and societally.

Passionate about exploring and incorporating healing modalities from around the world, Nicole’s wellbeing is sustained by practices that include meditation, movement and nutrition. She feels most alive when connected to nature, and her understanding of the interconnectedness between the earth and its inhabitants brings a greater depth of understanding to each client encounter. In her spare time, you can find her paddleboarding on the lake, exploring new travel destinations or curled up next to a wood-burning fire with a cat, a cup of cacao and a book.