IV Drip For Athletic Performance & Recovery

Having an IV drip as part of your training plan is an important piece to optimizing your overall workout program to achieve your highest potential.

The key benefits of an IV Drip for Athletic performance and recovery are:

  • Enhances nutrient absorption for increased demand when training hard
  • Reduces inflammation when training
  • Speeds up muscle recovery by providing nutrients that help cellular repair
Unless specified, every IV Drip at Higher Health starts with the following base ingredients before we add on for your specific goal:
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Trace Minerals (Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc) 
  • B Vitamins (B1,B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)
  • Amino Acids (which promote cellular repair and optimal function)

To help with performance and recovery, an IV drip will also include the following:

Additional Vitamin C – Vitamin C aids in recovery and performance in several ways, one of them being by improving blood vessel dilation leading to increased oxygenation to our tissues. It decreases levels of creatine kinase (an enzyme that supports muscle breakdown) after exercise, meaning it reduces the amount of skeletal muscle loss that can occur post exercise. 

Magnesium – Magnesium promotes the dilation of blood vessels which increases blood flow to tissues, especially during exercise. It increases the availability of glucose to our tissues which improves exercise performance. Magnesium helps our muscles dispose of lactic acid accumulation, which can build up during exercise and cause us to fatigue quicker. 

Glutamine – Glutamine helps increase glucose uptake into muscle tissue, providing us with more energy when exercising. Low levels of glutamine are associated with both mental and physical fatigue. Intense physical training can cause glutamine deficiency, making it important to support the levels of this amino acid post exercise.

Taurine – Taurine helps to increase muscle contractility and enables muscles to work longer. It has shown to increase performance during shorter, higher intensity exercises. Taurine helps with recovery by removing waste products produced during exercise and preventing muscle damage.

Carnitine – Carnitine improves exercise tolerance as well as blood parameters involved in muscle recovery, such as myoglobin and creatine kinase. It has shown to alleviate muscle injury and help prevent cell damage which aids in reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

Bicarbonate – Bicarbonate works by decreasing the acidity in muscle tissue during exercise, increasing the time the body is able to exercise for. It is mainly used in shorter, higher intensity activities. Bicarbonate buffers lactic acid buildup in the muscle, aiding in both recovery and performance. 

NAC – The antioxidant capabilities of n-acetyl-cysteine are the reason it plays a role in athletic performance and endurance. Supporting the detoxification process helps to heal damaged tissue and improve the functioning of our cells. 

Glutathione – Glutathione is our master antioxidant and helps neutralize oxidants (free radicals) that damage our cells and tissues. It aids in recovery as it prevents unnecessary inflammation, tissue damage and muscle weakness that can be associated with exercise.

MSM – MSM helps to speed up muscle recovery after exercise by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. It has shown to reduce muscle aches and repair connective tissue post exercise.

Frequency of Treatment:

Your frequency of treatment will depend on individual aspects gathered in your initial consultation. 

In general, the recommended frequency for performance and recovery support is bi-weekly while training at a high intensity, while monitoring your progress and adjusting accordingly. 

Our Naturopathic Doctors can work with you to ensure you are staying strong, healthy, and injury free while training at a high level. This includes supplementation, diet, and lifestyle modifications to help you reach your maximum potential. If you are interested in finding out more, you can book a free consultation by clicking here


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At Higher Health Centre, IV therapy is utilized for wellness-focused treatments, as well as for chronic health conditions, with the age of patients ranging from 14 years old all the way to 95.

This site has a lot of great info on what IV Drip Therapy is and how it can help. The best way to get all your questions answered is to book a free IV information call