Dr. Tara’s Journey Into Advanced Healthcare: Discoveries at Fountain Life That Could Change Your Life

Hi there, I’m Dr. Tara Campbell, naturopathic doctor, your friend and guide on all things health at the Higher Health Centre in Toronto. Today, I’m bringing you a special story – one that’s close to my heart and brimming with insights. It’s a tale of how a family vacation turned into an exciting quest for health innovations under the sunny skies of Naples,Florida.

You know me – even when I’m sipping on a cool glass of chlorophyll water by the beach, my mind’s always thinking about new ways to bring wellness to our lovely community back in Toronto.

So, this Christmas break, my family and I decided to blend relaxation with a bit of adventure in the health hub of Florida!

Our journey led us to a particularly intriguing spot – Fountain Life. Their slogan is , “We Make 100 The New 60.”   It’s an executive health clinic that’s all about preventative cutting-edge care. And guess what sparked this adventure? A little inspiration from Tony Robbins’ “Life Force” book that made itself at home with us a year ago.

So, come along as I share with you the highlights and heartfelt moments from this day. It’s a story of incredible technology, personal reflection, and the kind of insights that can only come from experiencing something truly out of the ordinary.

Arrival and First Impressions

My adventure at Fountain Life began with a warm welcome that set the tone for the day. The clinic atmosphere was bright, fresh and inviting, adding to my excitement for the day ahead. The facility itself is almost 10 000 sqft. They only see a max of 5 clients per day.

From the front desk attendant to my care coordinator, Ethan, who escorted me to what would be my private suite for the day, I knew I was in good hands and anticipation mounted. It was like stepping into a realm where futuristic healthcare meets personalized comfort.

Getting Settled and the EKG Experience

In my suite, I slipped into the provided scrubs – a stark reminder that today, I was not Dr. Tara Campbell, the practitioner, but a patient, curious and ready to explore. My personal Nurse Practitioner, Kailey, a blend of professionalism and kindness, first guided me through an EKG to check my heart’s rhythm and health.

The EKG was a fascinating blend of simplicity and depth. The electrodes placed on my skin felt like gentle taps, capturing the story of my heart’s rhythm. As I lay there, the machine quietly recorded the electrical activity of my heart, measuring the timing and strength of electrical signals.

It provided a glimpse into the heart’s narrative, revealing secrets about heart rate, rhythm, and even past events like arrhythmias or remnants of heart attacks.

This experience bridged my role as a healthcare provider and a patient, deepening my appreciation for the vulnerability and trust involved in healthcare.

The Lab Experience and Advanced Assessments

Next, we ventured into the well-appointed lab. The blood draw was not just a routine procedure but a crucial step towards proactive health management. Here, they conducted a multi-cancer early detection blood test. This remarkable test screens for over 50 types of cancer, many of which lack regular screening tests today.

It underscored the power of preventive medicine and the advances we’ve made in the early detection of life-threatening diseases.

This was followed by an IV insertion for saline fluids, also prepared for a non-invasive iodinated contrast media injection, essential for the upcoming heart scans.

Before moving to the DEXA scan, I underwent two more intriguing assessments.

First was the balance tracker, an advanced tool monitoring metrics linked to stability, coordination, and body movement. It was fascinating to see how this technology could assess the risk of falling and detect potential neurological issues, providing early warning signs of brain and nervous system anomalies.

Following this, I tested my grip strength. Squeezing the device, I learned that grip strength isn’t just about the power in your hands; it’s a window into your overall muscular strength and vitality.

It was gratifying to learn that my grip strength was strong, even compared to women younger than me – a testament to my switch to more focused strength training a year ago.

DEXA Scan: A Journey Through Bone Health

The DEXA scan room was another clean, well-appointed room. The nurse technician, walked me through the process. Lying there, as the machine hummed and scanned my bones and body composition, I was fascinated and curious as to what my results would reveal – especially due to professional awareness of my Grandmother and Mother’s bone health trajectory, as well as my love for coffee despite potential demineralizing capabilities.

This scan wasn’t just about numbers; it was about understanding the silent stories our bones and muscles tell about our health and longevity.

The DEXA scan experience was enlightening and will provide deep insights into my bone health and body composition. It’s amazing how such a simple process of lying still can yield such profound information about our bodies – from bone density to muscle mass distribution.

As I moved from one test to another, I couldn’t help but marvel at the seamless integration of advanced technology and healthcare. Each test at Fountain Life was a piece of the puzzle, contributing to a comprehensive picture of my current health status.

However, amidst this high-tech exploration, my thoughts often returned to the human element of healthcare, the personal touch and deep understanding that form the cornerstone of my practice at Higher Health Centre.

The CT Scan: A Dance of Comfort and Technology

In the tranquility of the dimly lit room, the CT scan itself was an intricate blend of care and technology. As I lay on the scanning bed, the nurses prepared me for the next steps. First came the Nitroglycerin tablet, placed carefully under my tongue (admittedly hesitant due to my knowledge of its use for acute cardiovascular emergencies – yet I also trusted my body and the nurses on the rationale for administration in order to provide the most crisp images).

It was a surreal moment, feeling the tiny pill dissolve, its purpose to help dilate the vessels of my heart for the scan; reiterating the feeling of trust in my body and admiration for medical advances.

Then, the nurses administered the fluid through the IV, which brought an unexpected warm rush over my body. This sensation, though startling at first, was a fascinating reminder of the marvels of medical science.

The fluid was essential for the AI scan to get a clear view of my heart’s arteries, and the warmth it spread through me felt like a physical manifestation of the care surrounding me.

Throughout the scan, the nurses were my constant guides and reassurers. Their instructions on when to hold my breath were interspersed with gentle check-ins, ensuring I was comfortable and at ease. Their presence was a comforting reminder that behind all the advanced machinery and sophisticated procedures, the human touch remains a cornerstone of the experience.

As the scanner whirred and clicked around me, capturing images of my heart and lungs, I felt a profound sense of gratitude. Grateful not just for the technology that could peek so intricately into my health, but also for the nurses who brought humanity and warmth to this high-tech environment.

It was a perfect blend of human compassion and medical innovation, making the CT scan not just a diagnostic procedure, but a journey of care and discovery. It was exhilarating.

The MRI Experience

The MRI was the final segment of my day at Fountain Life was an experience of contrasts – the thunderous sounds of the machine against the quiet calm of the procedure itself.

There were two parts to this MRI adventure. The first focused on my head, a precise 25-minute scan peering into the intricate world of my brain. To counter the loud, almost rhythmic noises of the MRI machine, I was given earplugs and headphones. The music playing through the headphones was a soothing counterpoint, creating a meditative atmosphere for me to drift through and objectively observe.

During this first scan, the machine was looking for any signs of irregularities or concerns within my brain. It was a search for the unseen – potential early markers of neurocognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s, structural changes, or any anomalies that could affect brain health. It was fascinating to think of the music and the machine’s sounds as a backdrop to such an important exploration.

After a brief interlude, I returned for the second part of the MRI, which lasted 45 minutes and focused on the rest of my body. This time, the machine was scanning for a different set of clues – signs of cancers, organ irregularities, muscle distribution, and overall body composition. It was about understanding the body’s story, from the hidden intricacies of organ health to the more observable aspects of muscle and fat distribution.

Remarkably, despite the machine’s loud humming and buzzing, I found myself drifting into sleep. It was a testament to the paradoxical nature of the MRI – a cocoon of sound and safety amidst a flurry of activity and discovery. In those moments of unexpected rest, enveloped by the sounds of the MRI, I experienced a unique blend of technology and tranquility.

Anticipating the Follow-Up and Embracing the Future

As my day at Fountain Life drew to a close, the journey of discovery I embarked upon didn’t end there. In a few weeks, I am scheduled to meet with the medical team for a comprehensive review of all the tests and scans. This follow-up is more than just a summary of results; it’s a crucial step in understanding my health narrative and planning the way forward.

An important aspect of this process, which was communicated upfront, was the clinic’s commitment to immediate notification in case of any life-threatening findings. Knowing this added a layer of reassurance to the entire experience. And I’m grateful to report that, thankfully, no such urgent call came my way in the 48-hour window post-visit.

Before I finished off I opted for a high dose IV Vitamin C. Something as you know I am a huge believed in. As the Vitamin C flowed into my veins, a refreshing contrast to the earlier IVs, I felt a renewed sense of vitality. It was as if the Vitamin C was not just flushing out the medical substances but also rejuvenating my body and spirit.

Cellular nourishment and health intention to fuel the year ahead!

Sitting there, I let my mind wander through each step of the day – from the initial heart check to the detailed MRIs. Each procedure was a testament to the incredible capabilities of modern medicine and the relentless pursuit of health optimization.

Yet, as I quietly had my IV Vitamin Therapy, my thoughts circled back to the human element in healthcare – the smiles, the reassurances, the personal connections that turn medical care into healing.

This reflection solidified a belief I’ve always held dear: in the pursuit of health, technology and personal care must walk hand in hand. It’s not just about the machines and tests; it’s about understanding and addressing the human need for care, empathy, and connection.

The anticipation of the upcoming results review consultation is mixed with a sense of responsibility and curiosity. Once I have all my results, I plan to share this journey in detail with you.

It will be an opportunity to delve into what was discovered about my health and, more importantly, the actions I will be taking back home at Higher Health Centre. This is not just about understanding the data; it’s about translating it into meaningful, actionable steps towards better health and well-being.

This experience has been an enlightening one, blending the worlds of advanced medical technology with the personalized, holistic approach we cherish at Higher Health Centre.

It’s a reminder that in the pursuit of health, every piece of knowledge, every technological advancement, and every personal interaction plays a pivotal role.

So, stay tuned for the next chapter in this fascinating journey. I look forward to sharing my findings with you and exploring how these insights can enhance not just my health, but also the holistic health approach we embody at Higher Health Centre.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and here’s to our continued journey towards optimal health and wellness!